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An E-Commerce Giant’s Venture into Selling Fashion Online

An E-Commerce Giant’s Venture into Selling Fashion Online
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Building an e-commerce business of any size is notoriously hard, a venture that baffles even large companies with decades of experience in the fashion retail industry. Even companies with large operations and international presence have found the task difficult, failing to make decent returns. However, a move towards e-commerce is essential with the advancement of technology, the increasing mobility of computing devices, and a trend among customers towards making purchases online.

Amazon has also recently begun to venture into the fashion business, echoing a long-time strategy of the importance of sell clothes and food; essential, recurring items of modern consumer’s life. TechCrunch recently reported that the company has been considering buying several startups in the fashion sphere to update and expand its presence. Although not officially confirmed, TechCrunch reports Everlane, Le Tote, Rent the Runway, ThirdLove and PreeLine are the among the names rumored to be considered for the effort.

Going forward, the company will need to address its pragmatic, no-nonsense and traditionally unsexy image in finding consumers the best deals in just about anything imaginable. This image has not been helpful in attracting fashion conscious consumers from visiting and purchasing fashion items from the e-commerce site. In addition, Amazon has originally been a place for finding deep discounts, a trend that might not always fit with the strategies of many fashion brands. Like many other fashion companies, Amazon can look into the competitive landscape in terms of discounting strategies, product offerings, and etc, to strategize its expansion.

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