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Activewear: An In-Depth Analysis

Activewear: An In-Depth Analysis
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The fashion industry is pinning many hopes on Activewear.  Where there has been flat or negative growth in many fashion categories in recent history, Activewear has been on an upward trajectory.

There are several factors that indicate this trend has longevity: first, health and wellness are gaining increasing traction with the public at large.  Second, while the US is currently the largest current consumer of Activewear, there is much room for market growth outside the US, particularly in Asia.  Third, the general shift towards more casual dress codes means Activewear items have increased rotation in consumers’ wardrobes.

With increased opportunity, however, comes more competition.  Our report highlights how the category is performing and Activewear brands can avoid the pitfalls of the larger apparel industry.

You can download the full report here.


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