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Trending Now: Blush, Mineral SPF, and Scalp Treatments

Trending Now: Blush, Mineral SPF, and Scalp Treatments
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In our inaugural Trending Now report, we dive into key themes shaping beauty consumers' choices - measured both through search interest and market data.  Below we touch on the key themes which were trending this past month.  

Blush Breakdown

Color cosmetics was one of the hardest-hit categories during the pandemic. As it rebounds, blush is gradually emerging as a product to watch and consumers are searching for new techniques and formats to update their makeup routine.


The Data

On average, there are over 467.5K monthly searches for blush, +10% to LY and +18% to 2020. Blush is driving the growth of the face category within color cosmetics, with cream blush emerging as the most-searched-for product. There are 37.3K average monthly searches for cream blush, +8% to LY and +77% to 2020.

Searches for liquid blush (+47% to LY), cheek & lip tint (+45% to LY), blush stick (+11% to LY), and cream blush (+8% to LY) reveal that consumers are looking for a variety of formats as they add this product back into their routine.

The Takeaways

  • According to Klarna, purchases of blush overall increased by 17% from 2020 to 2022. Cream blush increased 89% over the same period, while powder sales jumped 37%. For consumers looking to refresh their makeup routine, cream blush offers easy application and a fresh, dewy glow.
  • The recent spike in demand can be attributed to the product category's viral takeoff on TikTok. A new technique called “underpainting,” instructs viewers to apply a heavy amount of blush under the foundation for a more natural look. The trend has educated younger consumers on how to use blush in a fresh way, making blush a core part of their look.

Suncare Rising

Perhaps it’s consumers reemerging from lockdown, the desire to protect their health, or an evolution of the clean beauty conversation that led to a surge in demand for sunscreen. Regardless, searches hit a 15-year high in July 2021, and brands are looking to stand out in 2022 with healthier, hybrid formulas that benefit the skin and planet.

Mineral SPF

The Data

There are 87.4K average monthly searches for face sunscreen, +18% to LY and +172% to 2020. Consumers are more knowledgeable than ever and are searching for clean suncare, formulated with their skin (and the planet) in mind. Mineral-based sunscreen (+33% to LY), specifically iron oxide sunscreen (+209% to LY) has become increasingly popular. The triple-digit growth can be attributed to the product's environmentally friendly, skin-boosting claims.

The Takeaways

  • The pandemic offered brands the opportunity to strengthen the idea of protection in a more comprehensive way, particularly in branding and marketing suncare. As we enter this new era of sun protection, innovations will continue to cater to changing consumer needs accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Suncare brands of the future will explore eco-concepts and tap into growing wellness trends. Rising related queries, like "sunscreen moisturizer," "body lotion with SPF," "oil-free sunscreen," and "non-comedogenic sunscreen," reveal that consumers are looking for sun protection with added benefits and uses.

Scalp Spotlight

Interest in scalp care peaked in October 2021, as hair loss due to stress from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic became a reality. Scalp-related products are still a growing trend, and consumers are more interested than ever in scalp oils that turn taboo topics like dandruff or hair loss into a pleasurable part of a self-care routine.

Scalp Oil

The Data

On average, there are 12K monthly searches for scalp oil, +53% to LY and +136% to 2020. Scalp oils are not a new trend; the product peaked in October 2021, but interest is still climbing and continues to reach triple-digit growth when compared to pre-pandemic levels. Scalp oil is the fifth-highest growing product within hair treatments, and many of the related searches include dry scalp, itchy scalp, and dandruff, indicating that consumers are searching for products by the concerns they’re experiencing.

The Takeaways

  • Since the start of the pandemic, prestige, and luxury skincare brands, like Sunday Riley, Augustinus Bader, and Barbara Sturm, have all launched scalp care products designed and marketed like skincare. Indie brands like BREAD BEAUTY SUPPLY are entering the category with inclusivity in mind.
  • The "skintification" of hair can be traced back to the start of the clean beauty movement. However, since scalp treatments peaked in October 2021, we’ve seen more brands add ingredients like rosemary oil, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides into our hair care formulas.  For example, Jupiter, which launched in 2020, calls itself “scalp care designed like skincare.”

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