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Trending Colors for 2022

Trending Colors for 2022
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Color has the power to evoke every type of feeling. Whether you’re in need of a bold and bright revitalizing boost, or a calming and soothing moment, different hues can trigger different emotions. With the fashion industry being so globally connected with different Fashion Weeks around the world, and also with a heavy focus on individual self expression, there is no wonder that color trends are always shifting. Certain color trends come and go, often interspersed between seasons, but some have a stronger staying power and stick around for a longer period of time. So with that being said - what are some of the trending colors for the SS22 season, and from where did they emerge?

Kelly Green

Eat your greens and wear them too. For the SS21 season, Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta introduced a hue that was later to be referred to as ‘Bottega Green’. By doing so, he was not only able to inject a novel dose of contemporaneity and youthfulness to the brand - he also created a trend that would linger far past the season. Set in an intimate theater with a greenly lit stage, the opening look for the collection was a head-to-toe ensemble in the Bottega green shade. Throughout the show, the shade was prevalent for accessories and shoes, and also in the beauty department as the models’ eyelids were brushed with the green hue. After that, the color quickly became the most popular and mesmerizing shade of the year, and it still lingers on. The bright hue, also called Kelly Green, has not only silently become the trademark of the fashion house Bottega Veneta, but also marked the fashion trend calendars for another year. The specific tone has, thanks to its vitality and vibrance, infiltrated high street fashion, fast fashion retailers and luxury runways alike.

For 2022, Etsy revealed Emerald Green as the color of the year. This emerald sits very close to the Kelly in the green family, and it is still showing up on SS22 runways from brands like Acne Studios, Three As Four and 3.1 Phillip Lim. StyleSaga data shows that retailers today still take inspiration from the acclaimed Bottega Veneta collection where the shade dominated on shoes and accessories - in the last 30 days, we are seeing most new introduced products in green in the footwear (36%) and bag (37%) categories. Consumer search trends show similar numbers, where accessories and shoes are taking the lead. Searches for ‘green slides’ and ‘green scarf’ are up 224% and 129% respectively since last year. The green trend is here to stay - for now.


The bright and energetic fuchsia is another shade set to rule 2022. After a few turbulent and gloomy years, it seems the fashion world is now ready for something happy and oh-so-very bright. The hot pink hue has been seen on runways from Alexander McQueen and Dior, but the biggest homage to the color undoubtedly was credited to Valentino and his FW22 show. The monochromatic show encouraged a moment of reflection, as it urged viewers to really observe the details of each garment that was sent down the runway in the same color - fuchsia. The impact of the shade? It was developed together with Pantone, so catchy and energetic that it received its own shade name in the Pantone book, Valentino Pink PP. The same way that Bottega Veneta claimed the green shade as synonymous with the fashion house, so did Valentino with this pink.

Another reason behind the rise of fuchsia? It’s impossible to ignore. The color trend has been seen on celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Olivia Rodrigo, demanding attention as a color that the cameras love. The color is also a welcome dose of Vitamin D to consumers, and StyleSage numbers further prove fuchsia’s dominance: the average product count of fuchsia products in April 2022 is more than double it was one year ago. Furthermore, the sold out rate on fuchsia-colored products in April 2022 (30%) was the highest it's been for more than two years. As a comparison, it was 12% a year ago - showing that this hue is top of consumers’ minds more than ever.


Reminiscent of blue skies emerging after winter, the last but not least color trend that deserves a closer look is Periwinkle. The soft soothing shade is a contrast to the aforementioned bold and energetic hues, and it goes to show that fashion is ever-so-diverse and unpredictable. The pastel shade was named as the 2022 color of the year by Pantone, as a “symbol of the global zeitgeist of the moment and the transition we are going through”. With its soft red and vibrant blue undertones that symbolize joyfulness and positive affirmations, the hue made an impact on SS22 runways such as Fendi, Brandon Maxwell and Valentino.

Looking at the women’s apparel category, retailers are certainly following this trend. StyleSage data shows that average product count in this shade has more than doubled since last year.

It seems that the era of logos being the sole distinguishing factor for a luxury brand is diminishing - they are now reaching for colors. Just as Hermès Orange, Louboutin Red and Tiffany Blue have been synonymous with the houses for a long time, it seems that the specific shades of Green and Fuchsia above are being claimed by Bottega Veneta and Valentino respectively. If they can reach the same iconic status as previously mentioned shades remains to be seen.

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