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Colors of the (Spring) Wind

Colors of the (Spring) Wind
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Temperatures are getting warmer, days are getting longer, and we finally get to shed our heavy, bulky down coats with a great hurrah. As we finally soak in some much needed sunlight, it’s time to think about dusting off the skirts and dresses hidden at the back of our closets. With the dark gloom of winter gone, we won’t look so out of place with our bold and pastel statement pieces.

As always, the experts at Pantone released a Color Trend report pinpointing the top colors of the Spring fashion runways. Pretty spot on, we would say, with shades of blue being the dominant colors. That’s only natural, given how denim and navy colors have always remained staples in our wardrobes no matter the season. It is almost as ubiquitous as white and black, not just on the runways but on the shopping racks and on the streets. According to our StyleSage data (based on a sample of over 80K SKUs from major retailers), an average of 52% of retailers’ current apparel assortments are monochrome in color, followed by shades of blue at an average of 13% as the third most common color.

Pantone 2017 top Spring colors

Now what we’re really interested in are the standout colors of the season. We break down the prominent colors we see on the runway and how these looks are being translated on the streets this past week. So begins my game of I-Spy: Color Edition using the StyleSage Trend Dashboard.

Pink is the New Neutral

The most obvious of all has be to pink. From feminine pastels to bold fuchsia, a whole spectrum of pink has appeared on the runway. This just might be the new darling color for fashion (e.g. Gucci’s all-pink stage for S/S ‘17/’18), an absolutely unapologetic declaration of love for all things pink. Retailers are on board with 9% of their average coloured apparel assortment dedicated to pink. Who said millennials own this shade?

There are many ways to style this color, such as colorblocking with different shades of pink, contrasting it with a brilliant red or to tone it down with white. Certainly the influencers on the streets have not yet exhausted their styling ideas.

influencers wearing pink part 1

There’s more...ruffles, florals, lace, oh my!

influencers wearing pink part 2

Little Miss Sunshine

People often associate yellow with cheer, happiness and energy. If you’re a believer of colorology, then wearing yellow is an easy way to lift your mood and emit positive vibes (with a smile as the best accessory, of course). We spot yellow most often in skirts, poplin tops and dresses as well as light coats. While retailers use it more as a visual pop, with only 2% of their colored apparel assortment in yellow, this bright shade remains an editorial favorite with fashion media and influencers.

influencers wearing yellow

Orange is NOT the New Black

But it is still a trending color. Blazing a trail down the catwalk, this outgoing color has been updated in powerful silhouettes. We’re talking about sleek maxi dresses, pants, rompers, jumpsuits and suit separates. This shade accounts for 6% of retailers’ average colored assortment right at this moment.

You don’t need to burst into flames à la Hunger Games to show off your fiery personality.

influencers wearing orange

If you decide that you’re up for the challenge of playing a game of Trend I-Spy with us, you know where to find us! (hint: hello@stylesage.co)

We’re down for it anytime, anyday.

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