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Death of Trends? Explore the Changing Fashion in the Digital Era

Death of Trends? Explore the Changing Fashion in the Digital Era
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" Have faster micro-trends replaced the traditional cycle of catwalk-led big seasonal trends? The death of trends isn't a new idea. In 2008, industry analysis website JC Report described how lightning-fast, interactive micro-trends (made possible by the proliferation of fast fashion) were starting to replace the big seasonal ones. For established high-fashion brands, the pressure to reinvent and stay relevant is unrelenting. Just look at the merry-go-round of designer appointments today...

One major factor in the existential crisis facing the concept of big trends is that of recycling. As we search for authenticity in fashion, timelessness is back in focus. Perhaps that's why heritage labels are doing so well, even prompting a trickle-down effect from luxury labels to the high street... On the other hand, the balance of power in fashion is shifting. Rather than being dictated to, consumers are getting more involved...

So, is it really the death of trends? Probably not, but trends certainly have changed in nature, frequency and scope. "

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Image Credit: Michael Mandiberg

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