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Emerging Menswear Trends that the Everyday Consumer Will Actually Want to Wear

Emerging Menswear Trends that the Everyday Consumer Will Actually Want to Wear
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When it comes to Men’s fashion, newness can be pretty hard to come by – or, if a style actually screams new and exciting, it often doesn’t equate to wearable, too. Case in point, for the everyday consumer, finding eye-catching updates that still feel comfortable and practical for day-to-day life ends up being a challenge.

Our best advice? While there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, there is much reason to update it. So, sure, keep a classic button-down and great pair of chinos in your assortment but infuse creativity for just the right amount of “wow” factor through unexpected fabrications, print updates, and final touch details.

Read on for our recommendations and insight from StyleSage data on what’s resonating in the Men's market so far.

Unexpected Fabrications

A simple fabric swap can actually go a long way when it comes to Men’s fashion; plus, it adds an element of seasonality, too. Stick to tried-and-true items and opt for an unexpected fabrication to add interest; depending on the season, try a t-shirt in a sweater-like knit, test a semi-sheer fabric in a short-sleeve button-down for the warmer months, or upgrade a classic puffer jacket in a novelty fabrications like leather or corduroy. For example, searches for the “North Face Puffer Jacket” are currently up 110% to last year and their corduroy style has become an assortment favorite frequenting social media.

In a similar notion to updated fabrics, choosing an eye-catching print can give new life to a tired style. Keep a pulse on trending prints and upgrade t-shirts, button-downs, and sweaters for a cool slant. Currently, keep an eye on '70s-feeling geometric and psychedelic prints, as well as subtle nature motifs or more intricate landscape scenes that were on trendsetting runways like Reese Cooper and Casablanca. All in all, note how these prints bring interest to a piece in comfortable colorations, for an added extra element, yet avoid taking it over the top.

Wide Leg Pants

Similar to the Women's market, skinny pant styles are undoubtedly on the decline due to renewed interest in straight and wide leg silhouettes. Again, these don't have to be over-the-top; lean into the look with both a trouser-style pant as well as the sporty-feeling tech pant (that you can check out our trend report on here). In fact, the sold-out rate for both wide- and straight-leg pants has increased 650% this November as compared to November 2020.

Don't Forget About Jewelry

Men's jewelry is often a category that gets overlooked; but, as men become more comfortable and adventurous with style, it's a great bonus to finish a look. We're moving past the overdone braided leather bracelet onto metals that lead the way across categories. Style-setters are wearing singular earrings, but we recommend to keep it simple and wearable for the average consumer by looking towards bracelets that complement a watch, minimal yet interesting rings (to note, "Men's Rings" are up 26% in searches this year as compared to last), and personality-showing pendant necklaces.  

Be sure to keep up with our trend reports and future blog posts for more news on emerging trends to include in your competitive assortment.

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