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Fall Winter 2023 Fashion Month: Part Two

Fall Winter 2023 Fashion Month: Part Two
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Last week marked the conclusion of an eventful Fashion Month in Paris, where some of fashion's most important brands and influencers converged to see what's next in fashion.  

New York and London gave us reinvigorated glimpses into both established brands and up-and-coming talent, so what was the mood and forecast from mainland Europe?  Let's dive into the key themes and trends to know for this upcoming Fall and Winter 2023 season.

Ladylike Remixed

Images courtesy of Vogue Runway. From left to right: Bottega Veneta, Versace, Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu

A cohesive theme we saw throughout the shows in Europe was an updated version of femininity.  Specifically we saw traditionally demure pieces subverted with surprising pairings.  For example, Miu Miu offered up a twinset paired with hot pants, and Prada's three-dimensional flowers applied to a flouncy skirt were topped with an androgynous sweater and coat.  

Another way that brands can remix the feminine theme is by pairing feminine profiles with surprising accessories.  Whether it's Bottega Veneta adding thermal layers underneath a floaty dress and finishing off this look with several tote bags, or Gucci adding edgy accessories like fingerless gloves and modern wraparound sunglasses to an otherwise traditional suit.  

Double the Denim

Images courtesy of Vogue Runway. From left to right: Versace, ACT N°1, Zimmermann, Isabel Marant, Balenciaga, Alaia

Denim's grip on designer fashion continues to hold strong; in fact, designers doubled down on it this season, with head-to-toe denim looks.  Alaia and Isabel Marant showed us their respective takes on the denim jumpsuit, while Versace showed us a denim suit whose wash verged into purplish hues.  Designers offering more denim is also a smart merchandising choice, as it fits the flexible bill that today's fashion shoppers crave.

Refined Basics

Images courtesy of Vogue Runway. From left to right: Hermes, Fendi, Loewe, Miu Miu

One might say that there was a theme of simplicity through many of the collections showed - particularly - in Paris.  It might be because of the war in Europe, or perhaps the actual and anticipated economic realities we're collectively facing, but designers took a considered approach in their collections that emphasized wearability.  Look for monochromatic looks, riffs on texture, and set dressing to be key themes of the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

Black and White

Images courtesy of Vogue Runway. From left to right: Ferragamo, Zimmermann, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Sacai, Chanel

While red continued its vibrant streak on the Milan and Paris runways, another color story emerged in Milan and Paris.  Enter the pairing of black and white, not as separates but worn together for maximum contrast.  This color theme also fits perfectly with the aforementioned theme of refined basics.  In a tougher economic climate, consumers are going to be looking at fashion that provides wearability but isn't boring, and this color story fits that bill to a tee.

Hosiery in Focus

Images courtesy of Vogue Runway. From left to right: Alessandra Rich, Isabel Marant, Miu Miu, Gucci

You might've noticed the "no pants" trend over the past few season, and we regret to inform you that we will continue to see more of this trend.  But the real takeaway for merchandisers is what we're seeing paired with said no pants: hosiery and interesting tights.  This will be an important category to invest assortment in as the weather cools, whether it be lace effect, bright red, or otherwise patterned. It also wins points as it offers consumers a low-risk way to experiment with color and texture.

Check out our trend report on hosiery to learn more.

Tie One On

Images courtesy of Vogue Runway. From left to right: Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino, Christian Dior, Celine, Alexander McQueen

You could be forgiven for thinking the tie was just another gimmick that Valentino's Pierpaolo Piccioli used to boost his collection's virality, but in reality, we saw the menswear tie pop up several other places this season.  (See above: Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Dior, Celine and Alexander McQueen.) The more we saw, the more we think this micro-trend has potential; plus, it's just one more way to remix traditionally feminine looks.

Missed the rest of our trend predictions for Fall Winter 2023?  Check out our New York and London recap here!

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