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Fashion Retail's Wake Up Call: Get Radical

Fashion Retail's Wake Up Call: Get Radical
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" In the fashion world, our design stage has been weakened because we insist on confining it to the status of "art." And we don't know when to stop designing. In fact, we re-design and re-merchandise so far into the product development calendar that we continuously diminish our chances of being fast, current and relevant.

An ideal fashion development cycle would start with deciding on an aesthetic look and the fit intent for the merchandised line plan... Then it would move quickly into a one or two-prototype approval process and then into production. Fittings would no longer be treated as re-design or re-merchandising sessions, stealing valuable cycle time.

5 rules for reinvention:

  • Aim high but know your limits.
  • Disrupt and shake things up.
  • Go virtual.
  • Rethink sourcing.
  • Reinvent design as engineering. "

Read the full article at Apparel.

Image Credit: Super High Fashion

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