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Feel Good Beauty

Feel Good Beauty
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Beauty, wellness, and mental health are more intertwined than ever. With more than two in five Americans struggling with a mental health condition (stress, anxiety, or depression), consumers are turning to everyday beauty and personal care products that do more to address physical and emotional needs. Research has found that shopping for an eyeshadow palette will boost a shopper's mood by 62%, while a scented candle will increase it by 61%.

Personal care products' ability to raise spirits in turbulent times has fueled industry growth over the past two-plus years of lockdown and post-pandemic life. Estée Lauder chairman Leonard Lauder coined the Lipstick Index to describe increased cosmetics sales during times of recession. While the validity of the Lipstick Index has been debated, an uptick in mascara sales during the pandemic surfaced the Mascara Index, as consumers looked for ways to boost their appearance (and mood), despite constant mask-wearing. Beyond lipstick and mascara, forward-thinking beauty brands are leaning into psychology and neuroscience to meet consumers' new priorities.

Ahead, we examine how the feel-good beauty movement impacts everything from color cosmetics to fragrances to bodycare.


Sell Out at Sephora and Ulta Beauty: Relaxing, Energizing, and Functional Fragrances

  • Beauty and wellness brands are tapping into neuroscience to understand how scent can help consumers cope with mental health concerns.
  • A recent study by Mood Media found that 75% of all emotions generated daily are due to smell. The report states, "the plethora of fragrances on the market now is an interface between sensorial gratification, wellness, and mental stimulation."
  • Neom Organic uses 100% natural and organic ingredients to boost well-being through scent. Their fragrances aim to relieve stress, aid sleep, and increase energy.

Runway: Color Cosmetics

  • According to recent findings from the 2022 “Makeup Attitudes and Usage Report” from NPD, nearly 30% of all makeup wearers say that makeup brings them joy.
  • Our faces and bodies will become a canvas for creative expression and celebratory looks, using embellishments like face gems, body stickers, and temporary tattoos.

New Launches

  1. Trinny London - Color cosmetics formulated with mood-boosting ingredients.
  2. Amorepacific - Personalized bath bombs that match the user's emotional state.
  3. Prismologie - Body care rooted in color therapy and crystal healing.

Are you interested in learning more on this topic? Find our in-depth report here!

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