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Handbag Trends

Handbag Trends
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Handbags have received a serious upgrade in the last several decades (insert 10-year challenge here). From crossbody and shoulder bags to hobo bags and glamour laundry totes, there are handbags for every occasion and personality. Nevertheless, with the number of handbag iterations available, it can be hard to pick the greater themes aside from the brands themselves-which is precisely why we’ve narrowed 2019’s handbag trends to five you should know (and be carrying).

Micro Bags

alt alt alt alt alt We didn’t think mini bags could get any smaller, but with the 2018 appearance of micro bags on the SS19 runways of Jacquemus, Burberry, Coach, and Loewe, we saw mass retailers introduce nearly 50% more mini bag styles from last fall, while premium retailers had a 34% increase in the average number of mini bag SKUs last fall. We predict this tiny trend to last through the fall, especially as fashion tastemakers consistently posting new mini bag styles, attached to belts and worn like bracelets, on Instagram.

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Vinyl Bags

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This trend can most recently be attributed to the LA brand Staud, this trend is focused on seeing what’s on the inside, outside. Fearlesslydisplaying personal belongings has become a social norm amongst shoppers who enjoy vinyl bags. (Staud cleverly puts colorful concealed compartments in its styles, striking that balance of fashion and function.) Clear totes are clearly a consumer favorite, and our data shows a steady rise in more iterations from August of 2018 into this year.

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alt alt alt alt alt Try saying beaded bucket bags really fast, three times. Tricky, right? Luckily bucket bags aren’t the only version of the beaded handbag trend, as shoppers are searching for the iconic structured style introduced by Susan Alexandra amongst other less-structured styles. While the number of beaded bags introduced spiked during September (a 14% increase), this trend’s sold out rate was an all-time high during January. (Thinking of those warm weather holidays, anyone?) Beaded bags will be especially popular during the spring and summer months, and will likely decline again towards the fall.

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alt alt alt alt alt Where utility meets chic, retailers continue to supplement shoppers needs and fashionable desires for an appealing and functional backpack. Classic styles are still relevant, but you’ll start to see more drawstring versions, and new geometrical styles made for #adulting. Similar to many other handbag styles we've discussed above, over 2,000 backpacks were introduced across 5 premium retailers during September. Surprisingly enough, this trend increased late into the back-to-school season, confirming the ongoing demand for carry-all options, (and just in time for the holidays). Keep backpacks on your list for this fall!

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Bucket bag

alt alt alt alt alt The bucket bag is still going strong, transitioning into 2019 with Staud bucket styles (a brand making its second appearance on this list), with variations that incorporate various materials and closures, such as drawstrings, magnetic clasps, or zippers. We expect this trend to carry into the upcoming fall season, as the sell out rate of bucket bags rose from 8% in October to 26% in January. Our predictions: a plateau in bucket releases for the spring/summer is upon us (since shoppers have stocked up), and an increase during the fall when new styles from the AW19 runways debut in stores.

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These handbag categories are sure to appeal to your shopper this year. Remember to incorporate emerging material trends including croc, cowhide, and teddy (for handbags-yes!).

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