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How Shoe Retailers Can Be There For Customers Online

How Shoe Retailers Can Be There For Customers Online
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"Maybe we should stop referring to shoes as fashion accessories, since they continue to increase their share of our closet space and our clothing budgets. Sneakers alone are a $34 billion business in the U.S. , and that figure is growing.

Online shopping is playing a big role in that growth by putting the ability to check out new shoes or to buy right now into the hands of shoppers. "Sneakerheads" obsessively scour websites, message boards, and even apps to find the hottest shoe models. But a large share of shoppers will buy on a whim from the store they can get to most quickly. Others will buy online and expect speedy delivery and free returns. Mobile has transformed the way people shop—both online and in-store—into a series of crucial micro-moments that can sway a purchase decision more quickly than ever before.

Here are four insights for savvy retailers, including but not limited to footwear marketers, so they can be present and relevant and win the I-want-to-buy moments.

In September 2015, there were more than 3X more mobile searches than computer and tablet searches for "Nike Huaraches."

1) Winning with category terms: shoes vs. sneakers

2) Shoe shopping is moving to mobile

3) Online video plays a major role in a shoe's 'cool factor'

4) The path can extend beyond a purchase <br


Retailers who understand these micro-moments can better connect with shoppers and drive sales. Here are some ways you can be there and be relevant in their I-want-to-buy moments.

  • How do people search for your product? As we saw with "sneakers" vs. "shoes," it depends on their intent. In your search campaigns, bid on the terms most relevant to your offering and goals.

  • What are people shopping for right now? Keep up with real-time and regional trends with our Shopping Insights tool. With this intel, a shoe marketer could see that searches for red sneakers are spiking in the northeast, study up on what is causing the spike, and take action to increase stock, create promotions, or craft clever creative while a trend is still happening.

  • What videos are people watching about your product? When it comes to shoes, unboxing videos, sports highlights, product-hype reels, and even memes can connect people with brands, so be sure to be there with content and ads when those views happen.

  • What questions are people asking about your products? Before, during, and after purchase, questions come up. Create and promote content that can provide answers and win the respect of current and future customers."

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