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How to Spend Your Pot of Gold

How to Spend Your Pot of Gold
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It’s St. Patrick’s Day and oh there are so many puns I could use. But what does a holiday centered around Irish heritage, Saints, and Guinness have to do with the fashion world? Well for one, a holiday usually means that a customer is going to get lucky with a sale (pun number one). So what are customers using their gold coins for that make their friends green with envy (pun number two and three)? Let’s follow the rainbow (pun number four) to see what is happening in the business this St. Patty’s Day.

While you may be heading to the pub tonight decked out in only green, it isn’t the only member of the color family getting love. If you really are looking for a deal this holiday, steer clear of the color green where only 44% of the assortment is discounted compared to 55% of the red assortment.


But getting back to green. We know this is the key color of the day. So before you head out (unless you got a head start), what are the key shades that are performing in the green color family within US womenswear? Deeper green tones account for 25% of the current offerings while bright chartreuse tones make up 12%. If you really want to stand out this holiday, go for the classic brighter shades that are only accounting for 9% of the womenswear assortment in the United States.


Out of all these shades of green, what styles are sure to be seen out tonight? Take a look at a few pieces that have sold out in the past 14 days.


So while we may not all be Irish or looking forward to our fish-and-chips and whiskey, we can all look forward to a holiday sale and festive frocks. Hopefully the light-hearted whimsy and spackling of color is hinting at the Spring days ahead.

May the luck of the Irish be with you this shopping weekend!

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