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In January We Wear Sweatpants

In January We Wear Sweatpants
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Man, coming off the holiday break is rough. We're easing back into the new year with a little recap of the five things we learned over the holiday season.

1. Men still procrastinate on buying their holiday gifts.
Sell-out rates for jewelry peaked on December 22. Here's hoping they selected the express shipping option.

2. You were likely to get the same deal Black Friday that you did the day after Christmas.
Our historic charts showed symmetry in discounting rates between the start and end points of the holiday season. However, your item might have sold out, as we saw for key retailers that sell-out rates peaked the two days following the holiday.

3. Retailers have your New Year's resolution all figured out.
Discounts on athletic shoes decreased several percentage points after the 25th. Go ahead, you know you need to buy them anyways.

4.Retailers were pushing dresses big-time.
Last minute party dress, anyone? Dresses sold out at their highest rates on December 24th and 27th, corresponding with the highest discounts rates of the season at 65% and 71%, respectively.

5. Retailers dialed back discounting in a big way post-holiday.
We saw percentage of assortments on discount drop 10 percentage points between December 24th and 31st. Time for a diet, both literally and figuratively. Put those cookies down.

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