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Inside Nike's New House of Innovation

Inside Nike's New House of Innovation
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The heart of New York’s most prestigious shopping destination, 5th Avenue, is home to Nike’s newest progressive flagship: The House of Innovation 000. This is the second opening of the interactive retail concept, with a Shanghai store opening last month.

Activewear and sneaker enthusiasts can enjoy a fully interactive 68,000 square foot location at New York City’s 5th Avenue. We were just as curious as the eager tourists milling about, so it was only right to give you a detailed tour of Nike’s latest development in experiential shopping.


Initially, we were greeted with a massive digital screen stationed behind a “Nike by You” personalization area. After becoming a Nike member, shoppers are able to build a shoe from the Noise-Cancelling Collection (swapped out every two weeks) to create a style native to their individual tastes. This week the highlighted sneaker style was the Nike Zoom 5. To spark those customization ideas, creatives can also choose from preset designs drawn by the artists associated with the collection.

“It’s amazing, one of a kind.” said a Nike associate when we spoke with them. “It’s like a big playground. You can do virtually anything here.”



Heading down to the lower level you'll find the Nike Speed Shop, which offers curated styles based on NYC trends and favorites. We almost forgot our purpose at the House of Innovation, becoming distracted by all that stylish clothing!

It's clear how integrated the Nike App is with the store, as members can reserve items on the app and pick them up in-store. Alternatively, they can scan a product for inventory information like size, availability, and color options. Nike pushes scanning capabilities by enabling shoppers to scan QR codes on clothing worn by associates. In a rush? Nike's Scan & Pay features allow customers to checkout with the Nike App. Say goodbye to long lines!



In addition to a completely reinvented shoe experience, Nike doesn't limit the store to an athletic theme. The brand makes an effort to connect with shoppers through fashion.

The visual merchandising was enticing, leading us to ask associates "where can I find this?" We were impressed to observe a fusion of trending textures in the athletic gear, like teddy and faux fur. Popular styles including bubble coats were situated on chic mannequins. Fashionable layering of "gorp core" essentials were present. It's obvious: Nike is a lifestyle and aims to be your favorite store this winter.


Nearing the top of the store is Nike's Sneaker Lab, the largest (and longest) concentration of Nike footwear you can find globally.

We were left in awe as we approached the endless display of new and popular sneakers. For a moment, the detailed visuals leading into the display led us to believe we could build our own shoes from scratch.


"No, this is just an installation showing how the Lebron's were made." said an associated. Bummer, but still cool. 😎



After mastering every level of this virtual playground, we finally reached the most enticing floor in Nike's House of Innovation: The Expert Studio.

With the NikePlus membership, shoppers have access to exclusive products and drops, expert training, advice from a Nike Expert, and a courier service to deliver your bags anywhere in Manhattan. Talk about VIP! The Nike by You experience is stressed heavily here, where customers can meet with a specialist to customize seven different silhouettes between seventeen colorways. Within two weeks, you'll receive a tailored Nike piece with your specific measurements.

Besides providing a digitally charged experience, the overall theme of Nike's House of Innovation is customization and exclusivity. The benefits of becoming a NikePlus member are many and come with no costs. We're not sure which feature of the store was our favorite, and neither does its employees.

"The best floor? As corny as it may sound, I love the whole store. There isn't just one theme. Each floor is so different that there's something for everyone." said a Nike Expert we chatted with.

Our verdict? whether looking to shop or for inspiration, Nike's House of Innovation is a must-visit in NYC.

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