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Is There An Activewear Bubble?

Is There An Activewear Bubble?
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" Over the past two years, brands and retailers ranging from the mass (H&M, Forever21) to mid-priced and upscale (Theory, Tory Burch, Cynthia Rowley) have developed activewear lines. Not to mention the dozens of independent upstarts... And then there are the labels that have been doing great activewear for years.

The activewear market is clearly crowded, with new entrants announced on a near-weekly basis... In many ways, activewear is seen as the new easy money maker for retailers: Ann, Inc., Gap, Inc., and Urban Outfitters have all invested heavily in athleisure’s potential. And to be sure, there are buyers out there. NPD predicts that the global activewear market will reach $178 billion by 2019.

For now, activewear seems like a safe bet, and there will undoubtedly be more labels popping up, introduced by both established retailers and venture capital-backed startups. But the trials of the denim industry should serve as a warning: nothing lasts forever. "

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