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LGBT Advertising: A Win for Brands & Consumers

LGBT Advertising: A Win for Brands & Consumers
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"... As more and more attention is focused on equal rights for the LGBT community—specifically, marriage equality and diversity in the workplace—it's influencing how consumers make decisions. This is especially true among the young; over 45% of consumers under 34 years old say they're more likely to do repeat business with an LGBT-friendly company, according to a Google Consumer Survey from August of 2014. Of them, more than 54% also say they'd choose an equality-focused brand over a competitor.

Brands are responding with campaigns that espouse messages of inclusion, equality, and diversity. This "pride advertising" is having widespread impact online, according to YouTube and Google data...

Pride advertising isn't just about acknowledging and embracing the LGBT community. It's an opportunity for brands to speak their own truth and take a stand. And when they do, consumers, especially millennials, appreciate it and respond in kind. They tune in and watch, participate in the conversation, and spend their dollars... "

Read the full article at think with Google.

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