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Mapping a Fashion Brand's Viral Success

Mapping a Fashion Brand's Viral Success
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If there was such a thing as a simple recipe a brand could follow to go viral, everyone would do it.  Most of the elements involved are hard to control - like making sure your pieces are seen on the right people, or trending and shared on the right accounts. What does it take to create a buzz and catch the eye of customers with an ever- so- short attention span? How much of it can be planned for, and how much of it comes down to something as unadorned as luck? Ganni, Agolde and Cult Gaia are three brands that have been trending that we will be taking a closer look at.


Ganni, the Danish brand best known for its colorful prints and flattering wrap dresses, claims to not follow trends, but they sure set them. By embracing bright colors and bold prints they are going against the muted and minimalistic Scandinavian uniform that we are used to seeing and have because of that become a viral sensation. Their romantic and playful style hit a market longing for color and statement-making at the exact right moment, and they have been riding that wave ever since. The right style at the right time goes a long way, and celebrities were quick to jump on the newness. In 2012, Kate Bosworth added the hashtag #GanniGirls to a selfie. It has since been trending and as of today the tag has 84.2K posts and counting.

For Ganni, the bold apparel and most importantly the eclectic dresses are the star of the show. Dresses make up 25% of their assortment, and their sold-out rate measured over 30 days is a whopping 40%. The top and sweater categories are not far behind, with a sold-out rate of 35% and 34% respectively.

Even Ditte Reffstrup herself, Ganni’s creative director, is bewildered by the brand’s viral rise. “We never had an Instagram strategy,” she says. “We just followed our gut and worked with girls we admire.” At the end of the day for Ganni, the blueprint for success comes down to the product and introducing it at the exact right moment. Looking ahead, the brand who specifically calls out the fact that it’s not sustainable, says it is “focused on becoming the most responsible version of ourselves.”


Agolde is the Los Angeles-based premium denim brand that gives your favorite pair of Levi’s a run for their money. Ever since their Criss Cross Jeans were released in 2020 they have attracted a lot of attention and elevated the closets of many influencers. Another one of their bestsellers include a 90’s mid-rise fit, a perfect vintage style with light tears at just the right places that makes up 15% of their assortment. It doesn’t hurt that both average original price points hit under the $250 mark.

Chrissy Teigen was one of the first celebrities to be seen rocking a pair of Agolde's, followed by Elsa Hosk and Kendall Jenner, and their solid Instagram following include influential names in fashion such as Rosie Huntington Whitley. It’s easy to say that being seen on all the right it-girls played a big part in Agolde’s success story. Since February 2020, the monthly search volume for ‘Agolde Jeans’ has grown by 52%.

Cult Gaia

Cult Gaia is a brand that has found a way to bridge the gap between fashion and art. They rose to fashion notoriety with their ‘Ark Bag’, thanks to the iconic bamboo piece trending on Instagram, and quickly capitalized on the platform as a sales tool. The uniqueness of Ark, combined with a strong social media presence, paved the way for their success that captured the attention of both consumers and influencers alike. Part of that was also an accessible price point – the brand’s average price for handbags and clutches is $363. That can seem like a reasonable price for a fashionista who doesn’t have the means to splurge on a Chanel purse.

Apart from being highly successful with bags, the brand’s dresses have also made a buzz on social media. The knit ‘Serita Dress’ was seen on top-tier celebrities such as Romee Strijd, Candice Swanepoel and Hailey Bieber. For Spring/Summer 22, the brand is releasing Mina – a spherical shaped bag reminiscent of a pearl in design. If StyleSage data is any indication, you should move fast if you want to get your hands on one, as their sold out rate for bags over 30 days has 38%.

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