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Meet Our Spiders: An Intro To Web Crawling

Meet Our Spiders: An Intro To Web Crawling
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You might have heard of something called web crawling. Regardless of your level of awareness, we've made a little intro to how ours work and why they are an integral tool to your e-commerce business.

How Do Web Crawlers Work?

They scan e-commerce sites, read and index the data they extract, data including images and text. (We like to call ours spiders. The friendly kind, of course.)

How Often Do They Crawl?

They crawl the web around the clock. Very busy spiders indeed. The most important thing is you're receiving real-time data. Which is different from the category reports to which you subscribe which tell you what happened historically.

What's The Difference Between All The Web Crawlers Out There?

You've seen a range of offerings out there, and indeed there are differing levels of quality depending on the provider you choose. The least expensive ones will not provide very detailed or quality-checked results. In addition, most of the ones on the market crawl just text, not images. Ours crawl text and images for the highest possible accuracy, and because they're based on machine learning, they get better at their job over time.

Is The Data Accurate?

Yes, it is. As the data is being collected in real time, reviewing is a critical aspect to identifying any outliers. The QA process is the backbone of our platform, as we know that sound business decisions are absolutely reliant upon accurate data.

So How Do I Use The Data From Web Crawling?

Perhaps you want to know when your competitors are changing their prices or which products are selling out on their sites? Or maybe you want to go deeper and see which colors and design attributes like length, material, and embellishments are driving sell-through. These decisions can all be directly informed from the data that StyleSage web crawling extracts.

Interested in learning more about web crawling and how our technology powers today's most important fashion brands' decision-making? Here's everything you need to know.

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