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Ooh La-La: Golden Globes Fashion

Ooh La-La: Golden Globes Fashion
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Okay, so if we're honest, we usually tune in to the awards shows just to see the red carpet. What trends did we see last night?

Golden Ladies
Yellow was the color of the night. This vibrant hue took shape in sleeveless, one-shoulder, and long-sleeve styles. We checked our e-commerce data on evening wear and saw that only 3% of evening wear dress styles come in this golden shade; we'll be curious to see whether this color's appearance on the red carpet translates to an opportunity in retailer's assortments. ![graph](https://gallery.mailchimp.com/106f1e2d650b8a12647c61682/images/2da17726-3956-42cc-a13b-c03111bdef20.png)
Extra Coverage: Long-Sleeves
The weather may not be that cold in Los Angeles, but many leading ladies decided to don long sleeves for the show. We were curious to see how many styles of formal dresses are out there relative to the usual sleeveless and strapless suspects. What we saw was that long sleeves account for only 21% of dress styles, while the average price was 28% higher for longer sleeves. Interesting indeed, as there is potentially a profitable opportunity for brands to design more formal dresses with this design feature. ![graph](https://gallery.mailchimp.com/106f1e2d650b8a12647c61682/images/46724478-52ea-4d8b-bf40-6d9137d5799c.png)
We Didn't Forget About The Guys!
While there's not necessarily the same variety in men's formalwear (although Pharrell might challenge us on that point), we did see some very dapper looks of tartan, navy blue, and subtly printed and textured suits. Our color wheel analysis shows in the real world of e-commerce, 52% of men's tuxedos and bowties are black or grey, while shades of blue make up only 26% of formalwear assortments. Might be time to add an element of texture or subtle print into this category! ![graph](https://gallery.mailchimp.com/106f1e2d650b8a12647c61682/images/6e3d2ca0-c0da-42b6-a784-dfc1495fbce6.png)

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