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Promotional Tracker: June 27 - July 4

Promotional Tracker: June 27 - July 4
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This past weekend was all about America, baby. The Fourth of July Holiday is well-known for being one of the most sale heavy times of the year. So, how did we fare?

The average promotional value across top retailers was just below 40%, which compared to last week is down a total of 4%. Interestingly, new cuts were also down 2% to last week while the total percent of the assortment that was down to last week was flat. While you may have been expecting fireworks when searching for deals this past weekend, it seems like the promotional market was on par with the rest of the summer’s promotional activity and retailers are still looking to clear out summer inventory. While us customers are still thinking beach days and barbecues, they’re already making room for that new Fall merchandise on their shelves.

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