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Record-Breaking Cyber Weekend and Victoria Secret's Snafus

Record-Breaking Cyber Weekend and Victoria Secret's Snafus
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Retailers have reason to be feeling more upbeat this week, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday results have beat records, bringing in north of $5B and $6.5B respectively. The key highlights? Mobile shopping had its first $2B day, and the weekend's online shopping increased 10% from last year.

Check out our report on Cyber weekend here- including discounting levels, what sold out, and the performance of the bellwether outerwear category.


The other headline getting just a wee bit of attention this week happens to be the engagement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. While she's a different creature than her soon-to-be sister-in-law Kate Middleton, the sell-out effect on her wardrobe selections is similar. Meghan's affinity for accessible brands including Aritzia, Reitmans, Mackage, and LINE the Label make her seem all that much more approachable and just like us, right?

Well, a girl can dream...


The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show took place last week in Shanghai and aired on Tuesday, but, uh, things did not exactly go according to plan. The show, which last year was viewed by nearly 20% of the world's population (whoa), ran into some serious snafus. What was supposed to be the perfect culmination of VS' big push into the China market - ended up a power struggle between the Western brand wanting local market access and the local government demonstrating who exactly holds the key to it.

What happened? Well, the headline performer and several models were denied visas, attendees reported completely disorganized event management, and local model Ming Xi fell flat on her face during the show, so we have to say it seems that VS and China's relationship is off to a very rocky (and dramatic) start.

The China market has shown itself to be a difficult one for Western brands to successfully crack and maintain growth in over the long term - so will VS be able to get it right?


Want to buy yourself one those iconic quilted bags online? Well, you're still going to have to go to a physical store or resale site for the immediate future. This week the brand said, 'it's not a no, but it's not a yes,' to plans of eventually offering their full product assortment online. (Currently you can find their fragrance, cosmetics, and a selection of jewelry and small accessories online through partner retailers.) The highly secretive brand believes that maintaining exclusivity is paramount - and despite its peers stepping into e-commerce, they're holding off for the time being.

Will playing hard to get pay off?


Victoria Beckham's label has been a critical runway success and now it's getting the approval of outside investors, as they recently raised $40M in funding. The label, founded by Beckham in 2008, is looking to expand its physical and digital footprint, and the investment from NEO Investment Partners comes the perfect time for her to take her luxury brand to the next level.


She can do it all. This week Lyst named Rihanna influencer of the year - and we couldn't agree more. With her daring fashion choices, the continued success of her Fenty x Puma fashion line, the launch of an all-inclusive beauty line, and just general bad-*ss attitude, she's proving that the ladies can do it all and on your own terms.

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