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Target's Speedy Service and the Impact of Net Neutrality

Target's Speedy Service and the Impact of Net Neutrality
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The one store you actually get dressed up to shop at - Target - has recently made efforts to improve its operations in digital fulfillment with the acquisition of Shipt, a grocery delivery service. This past year, the retailer has begun to set high online standards for customers at its NYC-Tribeca location by offering same-day shipping, leading to a basket size six times the usual purchase amount.

By Summer 2018, Target hopes to provide the same speedy service to 900 different locations, a major plus for its consumers but minor to its competitor Amazon, (who offers same-day delivery in 8,000 cities).

As a result of the acquisition, the retailer will have more leg room to establish its place in the online grocery sector, a category it has consistently struggled in. "The Shipt deal gives Target the infrastructure and operational capacity to grow its market share in the online grocery channel," says Neil Saunders, GlobalData Retail Managing Director.


Which keywords has your brand been using during 2017? Lyst, a fashion search engine, dissected more than 30,000 articles with over 8 million words to generate a list of the most used fashion words of the year.

While the usage of "statement," "ugly," and "floral" could be identified as lingo we'd expect, unlikely candidates included "vegan" and "cult."

The most controversial words associated with fashion in 2017 were "woke" and "power," which shed light on this politically charged year. Activism has taken on a new form of expression, through attention-grabbing tops and jackets that call for gender equality, diversity, and inclusiveness.


This season holiday doorbusters from smaller retailers are an unlikely feat for loyal buyers. Some independent brands can't afford them; utilizing a major discount will cut into earnings of low sales volume. Others simply don't feel the need, since extreme markdowns aren't motivators for their customers.

Nevertheless, discounts are unsurprisingly sweeping the retail industry this season, with free shipping being an alternative to "percentage off" deals. Find out how steep the discounts actually are here.


The fifth most searched subject of 2017, β€œWhat is net neutrality?” is a question we should all be asking and finding the answers to. Quickly.

The depletion of net neutrality forecasts a stark reality for startups and smaller brands, forming an additional barrier-to-entry in reaching customers and establishing online presence. With fewer e-commerce competitors, net neutrality could create a digital monopoly amongst big players like Amazon.

From a consumer perspective, buying could become monotonous and inconsistent; larger companies will dominate the product offerings while smaller retailers struggle to reach buyers, due to a lag in internet speeds and load times.


Ah, the 90's. If we could hold on to everything from that phenomenal decade we would, but for now let's settle for more Lisa Frank. The designer of nostalgic stickers and stationary brought all things glittery, bright, and fun to our lives (who didn't want one of her pencils!?)

Now she's back for more, with a makeup collaboration with the vegan and cruelty-free indie beauty brand, Glamour Dolls. Just when you thought it was impossible to find those vibrant folders from our adolescent years, you now have another chance at happiness. 🌈

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