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Top Four Women’s Contemporary Trends: Week Ending Feb. 01, 2016

Top Four Women’s Contemporary Trends: Week Ending Feb. 01, 2016
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  1. For the sixth week in a row dresses dominated the top sold out category. All but 2 retailers (out of 6) increased their sold out numbers. Products sold out at full price fell across the board.
  2. The amount of newly introduced products fell overall last week. Although we're finally seeing a bit of differentiation in this category. Rather than our usual dress domination, this week the most introduced categories were broken up by the inclusion of both shirts + tops and intimates.
  3. The number of skus that were newly discounted fell by a landslide from last week. With Lord & Taylor decreasing by more than 6 thousand skus and Revolve Clothing decreasing by more than 5 thousand.
  4. Major retailers continue the clear-out quest. Main stream players utilize additional discounts off of sale merchandise (up to 70% additionally in the case of Lord & Taylor), while more contemporary and trend driven retailers focus on the upcoming Valentines Day holiday and selling through gifts and wares for the occasion.

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