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Top Five Women’s Plus Size Trends Week Ending Jan. 23, 2016

Top Five Women’s Plus Size Trends Week Ending Jan. 23, 2016
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  1. Sleepwear and Shirts were the top categories with sold out products. Avenue and Walmart sold out the most products in their Shirts & Tops categories, while Lane Bryant and Roaman’s sold out the most in Sleepwear and Intimates.
  2. Sleepwear and Shirts were also the top categories for newly introduced products, with the exception of Walmart. Walmart introduced the most new products in Activewear and Outdoor last week.
  3. Avenue scaled back its discounts, while Lane Bryant and Walmart nearly doubled their newly discounted items. After four weeks of a 1000+ skus discount strategy, Avenue only discounted 770 skus last week, a 473 decrease from the week prior. Walmart, however, discounted 710 skus, an increase of 682 from the week prior, and Lane Bryant discounted 456 skus, an increase of 371 from the week prior.
  4. Avenue also moved away from the previous deep discounts on its home page.The week before, Avenue offered a 50-60% off winter discount and 30% off new arrivals, while last week, it offered a 40% off online only discount.
  5. Retailers made a move to capture email information by offering discounts. Roaman’s offered a 30% coupon when users entered their email address, and Lane Bryant offered 20% off a future purchase for email information. Roaman’s also featured a 70% off winter merchandise promotion and introduced new swimwear, while Lane Bryant promoted intimates on its home page for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday.

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