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Treat Yo Self to a Visual Feast

Treat Yo Self to a Visual Feast
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So little time and so many images to scroll through. If you’re guilty of being an Instagram addict, don’t feel alone because I (and 600 million others) am right there in the abyss with you. The world of influencers is one that shines bright, but not all that shines is gold. What is this “gold” I’m talking about you say? I’m talking about fashion trends that ordinary people like you and I can pull off without breaking the bank or garnering weird looks on the streets. With the help of our very own StyleSage trend platform, here are five major trends you can pull off right now.

Flamboyant Sleeves

Tone it down with simple, clean lines. Overalls are great for packing all that extra cloth in and streamlining your silhouette. Another cool trick is to wear the trend off-shoulder to highlight your clavicle, which adds a touch of delicacy to contrast those billowing sleeves. Cold shoulder cutouts also help to draw the eye away from the sleeves. Keeping everything else simple prevents this trend from becoming overwhelming.

decorative sleeves trend

All that Gucci

If there is ever a favourite brand right now, it has to be Gucci. Look at that Gucci belt over there, that Gucci bag over here, and that in-your-face Gucci slogan tee in version 1, 2 and 3. The fad of obvious logo branding is not over, and we suspect it won’t be anytime soon. While the shoes and bags may be out of our reach (at least until Christmas), the basic Gucci tee and signature ‘GG’ belt each retail for $420. But move quickly, so you can gain entry into this prestigious girl club.


Stop Right There

Red is booming on the runways, and it’s okay if a head-to-toe red outfit is currently out of your comfort zone (the fear of looking like a ketchup bottle is real). Meet the trend halfway by rocking a sweatshirt, a coat/bomber jacket or a pair of those delicious-looking leather booties. Start small and work your way up. Don’t cop out now!

all red outfits

Tie It Up

At some point or another, we all dreamed about having that teeny tiny Barbie waist. Cue shapewear to smooth out your body with utmost discretion. Now though, it’s okay to wear your corsets on the outside. Our favorite look so far is the corset over the plain tee for an effortlessly edgy look. Why yes, I did roll out of bed this fabulous.


Netted Legs

You know the world is changing when something like fishnet stockings has gone from “Oh No” to “Oh Whoa”. This is proof of how meanings placed in fashion can change - from its Parisian roots in the late 1800s to its adaptation with flapper girls in the 1920s and punk girls in 1970s. History aside, fishnet adds that little bit of va-va-voom to any outfit, and what’s hot right now is peekaboo layering with fishnet under jeans. For those with a more moderate palette, here are some “mildly spicy” versions for you. For this particular trend, I would go with the old adage of “Less is More”.

fishnet under jeans

These major trends have survived the end of 2016 and there’s still some shelf life left to them. Be a little adventurous this coming spring and please, make liberal use of the hashtag #trend. If you haven’t had enough of our fashion inspiration posts, head on along to our Instagram @stylesageco. We keep you updated on the beat of what influencers are hyping. Check it!

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