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Valentine's Day Deals for the Heart

Valentine's Day Deals for the Heart
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Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a euphoric day of romance and daydreaming of dramatic love scenes that won’t ever happen to me, but, hey, a girl can hope.

Whether you’re trying to avoid choking on the love in the air, or you’re on cloud nine, here’s our top picks of the latests V-day promotions and discounts. Treat yourself - or that special someone - to a great gift.

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What says love more than a new bauble? (Well, a recent survey actually shows that it's the third most preferred gift, behind travel and flowers...just putting that out there.) Regardless, we looked at the market for jewelry this V-day and there are two very different stories emerging. Mid-tier department stores have gone full throttle on discounting jewelry - with more than 90% of their stock on sale. However, you'll only find 11% of jewelry discounted at premium department stores. We're not particularly surprised by this - the premium assortment - especially in the jewelry category - rarely goes on sale. And a holiday where it's likely to be gifted equals an even lower likelihood.


Is jewelry selling out at the moment? Well, despite the mid-tier stores going heavy on the discounts, we're not seeing major upticks in stock-outs. Presently, it's averaging 6% across categories and retailers - so it looks like there's plenty to go around and stock up on for next year.

I'm in the buy me a trip category, personally. But here's hoping retailers see big spending this V-day season.

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