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WeChat is Changing China's Media Landscape

WeChat is Changing China's Media Landscape
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" WeChat is China’s answer to apps like SnapChat, Line and WhatsApp: at first glance, a mobile chat messaging service, but, in reality, much more... More than 500 million people — nearly half of China’s population — are now active WeChat users...

Although most luxury fashion players have jumped on the digital bandwagon in China with Weibo, only a few, including Burberry, Yoox, and MCM, have seriously and effectively developed their WeChat presence. Such brands use WeChat to reach the rapidly growing consumer class in third- and fourth-tier cities, many of whom do not have direct access to luxury brands. It is also a way to livestream red carpet coverage, creating a participatory atmosphere amongst the millions of Chinese celebrity watchers and fashion enthusiasts...."

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