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What To Pack When You Finally Buy That Ticket To Paradise

What To Pack When You Finally Buy That Ticket To Paradise
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If you’re like anyone in our office right now, you have a Kayak tab always open on your browser. Just as the weather is getting nicer here in New York City everyone is asking “Where to next?” and longing for that Caribbean beach or the European coastal city. It seems like retailers can smell our wanderlust as well. Any homepage you open is directing customers to a well-curated travel shop complete with suitcase-ready styles that are ready to go just like you. So, say we were to buy that ticket, what would our vacation wardrobe really look like (hypothetically speaking)?

For one, this is what retailers want our wardrobe to look like right now: drapey, loose styles, that bare our shoulders and welcome that equatorial sun. But when it comes to purchasing this image we have to dig a bit further down.


Looking across the “vacation edits”, we have identified five key pieces that would be worth your while to invest in if (again, hypothetically) you did buy that ticket to paradise:
  1. Mirrored Sunglasses
  2. Kitschy Sunhat
  3. Breezy Romper
  4. Denim Cut-Offs
  5. Sassy One-Piece

While they may sound trend specific, we can assure you that the mileage you will get out of these pieces will be worth it, even if just for this summer (besides, I’ve tried the the mirror sunglasses on Instagram and the likes accrued are worth it ;)). But what is an Insta-ready wardrobe going to cost you? We’ve broken it down for you:


Being vacation ready and staying on trend is going to cost you, though. Across these styles, the average current cart value is $497. This is more than the cost of you and your bestie getting a roundtrip ticket from JFK to Cancun. Interestingly, though, customers are buying these products. **In the past two weeks alone, 16% of the rompers assortment has sold out, 11% of sun hats, and 9% of one-piece swimsuits.**

What does that say about seasonal selling?

Customers may know they only have one summer to wear an item before cold temperatures come back and it just isn’t cool anymore - but that isn’t stopping retailers from marketing the vacation message and customers to buy in to it. Maybe we all really are shopping for that getaway we already have booked. Or maybe we just are all wishfully thinking that we’ll have the guts to click “book now” and finally give that kitschy hat it’s time in the sun.

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