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What To Wear To Your Easter Egg Hunt When You're Not 8 Anymore

What To Wear To Your Easter Egg Hunt When You're Not 8 Anymore
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The sun is out and the last of the dirty snow piles have melted here in New York City. It can only mean one thing - spring is finally here. While many of us have already shed our black tights and broken out the floral prints, this upcoming Easter weekend gives us a definitive timestamp to usher in our spring wardrobes. Growing up, this meant matching gingham dresses with pantaloons and a bonnet handmade by our mother (true story). But how does one celebrate Easter, spring, and sunshine now that we are buying our own clothes? Is it really that different from the what the little girl inside of us would have worn?

What are kids wearing these days?

You would think that an upcoming holiday would mean an uptake in little girls’ dresses. It is the time to not worry about dirt or crying and get the family dressed in their Sunday best. But, it doesn’t seem like retailers have increased their assortment as a response to the spring holiday weekend. The number of introduced products have taken a slight slope downward since a peak of activity in mid-February. Interestingly, 11% of the total girl’s dress assortment from top children’s retailers has sold out in the past two weeks.

Also, these dresses don’t come cheap. Only 34% of the assortment has an original price under $40. As a full-grown adult (sort-of) who has a hard-enough time justifying spending $30 on a dress, this number shocked me - especially since I expect it to be about a third of the fabric and have a purple juice stain on the front of it in less than 10 minutes.


###How About Us Grown Up Kids? Kids aren’t the only ones getting in on the fun this weekend. We can’t forget who is actually buying those little girl frocks to begin with and who maybe slipping a little something extra into their shopping cart for themselves. When it comes to women’s day dresses prices trend even higher and are selling out at a faster rate. It shouldn’t be a surprise that women’s versions are priced higher than little girls. But compared to 34% of the assortment of girl’s dresses priced under $40, only 9% of women’s comes in at the cheap-and-cheerful price range. Also, in terms of sell out rates, 17% of this assortment has sold out in the past two weeks – 6% higher than little girls.

While day dresses may be the easiest go-to for a Spring wardrobe refresh (which the numbers support), it isn’t the only option. Taking a look at some of the top posts for inspiration, influencers are showing us that pastel and day dresses are not mutually exclusive. Even distressed denim can look Easter-appropriate with some freshly-cut flowers (who does that in real life though).


Not feeling inspired by #spring? Having fun with spring style can also mean taking it literally. How about fully embracing the festivities and embracing your inner bunny - the PG version. We’ve found a few suggestions for you if this is more you jam.


Whether you are embracing the little girl inside of you and breaking out your finest pastel fit-and-flare frock or throwing on some bunny ears and calling it a day, have fun with your style this weekend. We survived winter and we deserve a little celebration, amirite? If you are still unsure of what to wear, here’s one last suggestion for you from yours truly circa 1993, and this one all you need is some poster board, a creative mom, and your own pretty little face.


Have a wonderful spring holiday weekend to all of you fashionable folk out there!

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