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Y2K Trend Resurgence: Velour Tracksuits, Uggs & Ballet Flats

Y2K Trend Resurgence: Velour Tracksuits, Uggs & Ballet Flats
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It’s no secret that Y2K is having quite a moment; from fashion to beauty, we’re seeing the early aughts revitalized in a big way. If you recall a few months back, Gen-Z deemed skinny jeans a style of the past and are opting for ‘retro’ low rise and wider leg options reminiscent of Y2K instead; the whole ordeal created quite the media buzz. Nevertheless, their Y2K obsessions are showing no signs of stopping as trends of the past like Pop Punk, butterfly motifs and frosty makeup are re-emerging, too.

While it’s undeniable that the media is having a heyday with the early aughts comeback, is the buzz actually translating to the market at large? Ahead, we’re evaluating three key items that drove the 2000s: velour tracksuits, Uggs and ballet flats.

m'lady To kick off our search, let's dive into the search data. Here, you can see that interest in velour tracksuits, UGGs and ballet flats is certainly on the rise. Unsurprisingly, tracksuits are being driven by icon of the era Juicy Couture, but ballet flats have a notable search increase of 395%, specifically from DTC-brand Rothy's. So, while these trends are being revitalized, there's room for a modern twist.

Velour Tracksuits

m'lady Once known as the ultimate marker of 'status', a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit is now pretty attainable. Over the past year, the brand has sparked collaborations with Forever 21 where shoppers could purchase a piece for roughly $40. While we may not all be jumping back on the bandwagon, the influence of velour and terrycloth is surely prevalent across the market. In fact, last month's product introduction rate of 36% for women's apparel fabricated from velour and terrycloth was the highest it's been in the past two years.


m'lady Between Ugg slippers becoming the unofficial shoe of 2020 and Gigi Hadid seen in New York actually sporting her Ugg boots, there's been a spike in interest once again. Currently, Trend Radar is showing 586% increase to last year on the Tasman slipper and a 18% increase on the Scuffette. This interest is reflecting in the brand's 40% sold-out rate last month – and the classic boots will surely be one to watch as the temperatures begin to drop.

Ballet Flats

m'lady Ballet flats are having a moment in the media after a strong presence on the runways. Not only are luxury brands hopping on the resurgence, but DTC brands like Rothy's and M.M.LaFleur, too. Although this trend is still on the rise, it's already resonating well and reached a sold-out rate of 26% last month. If you're a subscriber, don't forget to check out our Trend Report on this buzzy style.

As always, stay up-to-date with our subscriber content as we continue to track Y2K's influence on the market.

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