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Building an ironclad offering

Whether you’re starting from scratch or refining your offerings, how do you design a compelling assortment that keeps shoppers coming back for more? Our tool maps competitor’s assortment architecture down to granular item-level detail so that you can quickly understand the landscape and where you can reinforce your existing product lines and leverage new category opportunities.

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Design Decisions Backed By Data

Design and data: they can and should be friends. Our tool tracks how design elements like color, print, material, and fit have emerged and performed at retail, reinforcing and giving credibility to the creative decision-making process.

Historical Views of Winners and Losers

Deciding whether to launch a new category or widen the breadth of your existing category? You need to know what’s happening now, but you also need to rewind and see how other category shifts have played out historically. Our data analyzes patterns of competitor activity over time so that you are able to learn from competitor’s moves and take that winning step forward.

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Getting Sizing Allocation Right

Do you know which sizes sell-out most rapidly across different styles, colors, and materials? Allocate properly, replenish efficiently, and market with agility, using our tool that shows you in real time, which sizes are discounted, introduced, and selling-out.


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