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Informed, Profitable Pricing.

Your price point is one of the most important tools in both the defense and growth of your profits. But you shouldn’t be making decisions on price blindly. Historic sales, your margin requirements, and what’s happening in the competitive marketplace should all inform your pricing strategy.

Our pricing analyses are best-in-class and for good reason. From global pricing indexes to basket comparison charts, you can see how your pricing stacks up across markets and competitors, both historically and in the present moment.

With StyleSage pricing tools, a thoughtful and profitable pricing strategy has never been easier to achieve.


Build a Relevant and Resilient Assortment.

Staying relevant to shoppers doesn’t happen by chance. You’ve got to have the right designs at the right time in order to keep shoppers coming back for more. Our assortment tools give you both the category- and item-level views of what’s trending in the competitive marketplace. With these tools, you can spot assortment gaps and own your competitive differences with data visualization of trends in color, print, pattern, and key design elements.

We’ve always believed that design and data make each other better, and our tools are tailored to reinforce and provide credibility to the creative decision-making process.

Historical Data
Historical Data

Learn from the Past.

You might know what’s happening in the market today, but what about what happened in the past? Our powerful historical data tools let you see how pricing, discounting, and assortment composition have shifted over time. Deciding when to launch a new product or mark down an aging product category? Easily rewind and analyze patterns of competitor activity over time and make that call with confidence.

Customer Insight

Understand Customer Search (in Their Own Words).

Want to know what shoppers are searching for online? Our Trend Radar solution breaks down the fashion, home, and beauty categories by keyword so you can understand, over time, which types of products and brands are increasing or decreasing in search interest. Want to understand whether high rise jeans are still popular relative to other types of denim or whether you might be under-investing in a quickly rising brand? Our solution details these customer trends down to the product and brand level.


Optimize Your Promotional Strategy.

Promotional strategies vary widely by category, whether it’s a discount code, gift with purchase, or future use incentive. With our promotional dashboard, you can compare promotional and marketing strategies by retailer, so that you are able to design your promotions for maximum impact.

Timing is everything when it comes to promotions. When should you extend promotional periods and when are the optimal times to offer unique promotional events? Our calendar interface allows you to customize your view of the promotional landscape so you can identify windows of opportunity.

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