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Competitor Benchmarking

Every day retailers are discounting, and it is a daunting undertaking to keep a constant pulse on every competitor and category movement.

Know how and when to take action across the product categories you trade in, with our dashboard that alerts you to movements in average, entry-and exit-pricing levels.

Want to dig deeper? With our discounting and price heatmap and architecture analyses, you see category and product attribute-level information to guide your every strategic pricing decision.

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Price Matching Across Borders

In a world where retail is increasingly subject to the risk of currency fluctuations, you need first insight into pricing shifts that impact your business.

Our global like-for-like analysis matches exact items so you can identify market positioning mismatches and pricing shifts as they occur and take corrective action.

Channel checking

When your brand is trading across multiple channels, enforcing MAP policy is critical to protecting your brand and maximizing both your and your trading partners’ top- and bottom-lines. With one click, you can see discounting and pricing activity in real-time and optimize your multi-channel trading strategy.

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