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Put Away Those Spreadsheets.

Hours and days are wasted trying to collect pricing data on your competitors’ overlapping product assortments, especially when you consider the data captured is quickly out-of-date. Instead, automate your process of tracking this information with our accurate product matching technology. We use our image recognition technology to match up exact items and let you know when they change price so your shopping cart isn't abandoned because of a better price found elsewhere.


Rely on Unparalleled Accuracy and Detail.

Our accuracy rate is the highest in the market, because we layer in a human QA process on top of our core AI-powered, image recognition technology, helping identify more product matches. What’s more, you can match exact products down to the exact color and size level, helping you optimize your prices to a greater degree.


Dig into the Details.

Your access to Product Matching gives you access to additional analyses and charts that show even more detail around overlapping assortments. Understand how much of your assortment overlaps, which items are priced more or less than competition, and by how much.

So... What will you do with all the extra time and money you’re saving?

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