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Smart Tagging

Smart Tagging
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Lost revenue avoided.

You’ve got products ready to sell in your marketplace, but with incomplete product information provided by your brand partners, your products are sitting in limbo, not available for consumers to shop. With StyleSage E-Commerce Smart Tagging API, you enrich products with searchable attributes and get products in front of consumers faster, preventing millions of dollars of lost revenue.

Clothing 1
Clothing 2
Clothing 3
Clothing 1
Sage Green
Long Sleeved
Black Buttons
Knee Length
Clothing 2
Men's Polo Top
Short Sleeved
Royal Blue
Clothing 3
100% Polyester
Midi Dress

Automated Standardization.

Our long-running core AI capabilities are your secret weapon. We extract the critical design details of items via image recognition and text descriptions, and standardize these attributes to your master taxonomy so that you can focus on the strategic business of converting browsers to buyers.

Generic Tag
Blue jeans
Blue Jeans
Unique Tag
Blue jeans
High Rise
Light Blue Wash
Light Distressing
Ankle Length

Flexible to your business needs.

Whether it’s apparel or footwear, each of your product categories has unique characteristics that need to be tagged and searchable by consumers. Other solutions often enforce their own generic, limited taxonomy on your product assortment. At StyleSage, we are opposite in our approach -- we map the products to your taxonomy and enrich the attributes the way you want.

Speed up without sacrificing accuracy.

The manual review of product listings is a waste of valuable resources and a difficult-to-scale process. Our smart tagging is not only of the highest accuracy - our machines are fashion masters - but it also takes the process down to hours rather than weeks of critical selling time.

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