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Track Consumer Interest As It Emerges

How do you know what stage a trend is at and whether you should buy into it? Our tool connects the dots for you by combining search data, geographic mapping of peak interest, and social media and editorial visualizations, to enable profitable product development and design decision-making.

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First Mover Advantage

Know exactly which products you should be fast-tracking to development. Our social media tool utilizes image recognition to track and surface the specific design details, profiles, and outfit stylings you need to know.

Marketing Messages That Leverage Consumer Buzz

Which promotional images and language are going to grab and convert the digitally-inundated consumer’s attention? Our interactive trend dashboard allows you to select and follow the most relevant influencers and track their language and visual activity over time. Drive the marketing message home every time.

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Localize Your Strategy

Trends are global but there is margin to be won in paying attention to the details. Our list of influencers is curated by geography so that you can identify and react to local market opportunity across product development, allocation, and messaging.


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