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Online search trends detailed at the category level

Our Trend Radar feature breaks down each product category by keywords so you can understand, over time, which types of products and brands are increasing or decreasing in online customer search interest. Want to understand whether high rise jeans are still popular relative to other types of denim or whether you might be missing a quickly rising brand? Our solution details these customer trends down to the product and brand level.

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Influencer tracking localized

Trends are global but there is margin to be won in paying attention to the details. In one dashboard, we track influencers' posts, and curate them by geography and following size so that you can identify and react to local market opportunity across product development, allocation, and messaging.

In-depth runway and category trend forecasts

Our team of strategists pull together the search, influencer, and e-commerce data to deep dive into the origins and emergence of category and product level trends. Find a selection of our in-depth reports here.

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