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Original Price
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{{ marketData[selectedCategory].level2_name }} were originally priced are currently priced between {{ marketData[selectedCategory].prices[selectedPriceType].min|number:2 }} USD and {{ marketData[selectedCategory].prices[selectedPriceType].max|number:2 }} USD, and on avg {{ marketData[selectedCategory].prices[selectedPriceType].avg|number:2 }} USD.


{{ marketData[selectedCategory].level2_name }} represent {{ marketData[selectedCategory].assortmentPercent | asPercentage }} of the {{ marketData[selectedCategory].level1_name }} assortment.

Discount Trends

{{ marketData[selectedCategory].discountedPercent|asPercentage }} of {{ marketData[selectedCategory].level2_name }} styles are currently discounted on average {{ marketData[selectedCategory].avg_discount|asPercentage }}.

Market Activity · Last Week

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new styles
{{ marketData[selectedCategory].recently_introduced|number:0 }} styles were introduced during last week.
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{{ marketData[selectedCategory].recently_discounted|number:0 }} styles were discounted during last week.
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sold out
{{ marketData[selectedCategory].recently_soldout|number:0 }} styles were sold out during last week.

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