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Market Intelligence Platform

Digital commerce has never been more important to your bottom line, and knowing what’s happening in your competitive landscape is key to staying ahead and protecting those margins. Our Market Intelligence Platform keeps you informed of your competitor’s new product drops, pricing moves, and promotional offers. Unlike other solutions, StyleSage gives you daily insight into what’s happening in the marketplace. Never miss a specific promotional event or a quickly-moving opportunity again.

We pair this e-commerce data with consumer search trends, so that you can see what's rising and declining in relevance, and ultimately tailor your offering and messaging to fit your target audience needs.

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Product Matching

Product Matching

In a perfect world, all your products would be exclusive to you, but the reality is that oftentimes your assortment will overlap to some degree with competitors. Know which exact products those are, and keep ahead of pricing changes with our product matching technology.

This solution saves you the time of tracking down and staying on top of price and availability changes, and our state-of-the-art technology is powered by image analysis and machine learning, giving you the most accurate matching in the market.

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Smart Tagging

Smart Tagging

As a retailer, you often receive incomplete and inaccurate product information from your trading partners. The time and hassle incurred from missing information ultimately means millions of dollars are lost when products don’t get in front of consumers fast enough.

Powered by our best-in-class image recognition and attribution, our rapid e-commerce smart tagging automates the extraction of all the important design-level attributes, not only putting products in front of consumers faster but also identifying customer-relevant search terms.

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A Solution For Every Role In Retail.



Augment your forecasts with competitor data. Understand, in both current and historical views, where you might be misaligned in pricing and assortment breadth and depth.


Merchandising + Buying

Understand what drives value to the customer with competitor analysis on price point, styles, and other visual design elements. Identify new trends and provide seasonal merch guidance with data-driven insights.


Strategy + Finance

Create and maintain key business metrics with competitive analysis. Identify opportunities for top and bottom-line margin improvements.



Leverage competitive learnings to recommend new merchandising strategies. Keep a pulse on the competitive landscape to help inform future e-commerce strategies.

What do I get with my subscription?

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    Daily data
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    Data exports
  • Data reliability
    Data reliability
  • Trainings
    Customized trainings
  • Historical
    Historical data
  • New features
    Input and first access to new features

How does it work?

Our machines

Our machines see the world like you do.

Image recognition and machine-learning have a lot to add when it comes to fashion, believe it or not.

We’ve built a best-in-class tool that sees and thinks like a human. Picture a smart machine that pretends to be a human browsing a product on a website. It records all the information about that product, including the image and text, and then it proceeds to capture that information across the entire site. And our smart machines capture this information every single day! Once the data is recorded, it’s stored, giving our clients access to a wealth of historical data, so they can look back to understand how to move forward.

But here’s where these machines are important to fashion decision makers - they take in important design details like color, length, material, and profile, enabling users to look at the data in unprecedented detail.


Is it accurate?

There’s no point in utilizing data if you can’t trust its integrity. Your decision-making relies on this. This is the heart and soul of our business and why we’ve utilized machine learning from day one, which provides you with the highest levels of data accuracy. And while there are plenty of generic web crawlers out there, clients come to us because their bottom dollar absolutely depends on accurate data.

We use advanced monitoring systems that proactively audit our data feeds for anomalies and alert us if anything looks suspicious, as well as a full team of reviewers and in-house fashion category experts to ensure the highest accuracy.

But there’s more: all of our data is linked back to the e-commerce site from which it’s obtained. So you can click in individual products and see for yourself the data accuracy.

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