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Real-Time and Historical Views of Promotional Volume

Tracking competitors’ promotional tactics is a manual and time-intensive process. We index in- and post-season promotional activity, with customized real-time alerts, so you can see how your activity stacks up to the competition. Our promotion tracker ensures you aren’t promoting too much or too soon, so your margins are maximized.

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Fashion Your Promotional Strategy To Engage Consumers

Promotional strategies vary widely by category, whether it’s a discount code, gift with purchase, or future use incentive. With our promotional tool you can compare competitive strategies by category and connect the dots with sell-through, so that you are able to design your category’s promotions for maximum impact.

Market-Share + Unique Events Cadence Optimized

Timing is everything when it comes to promotions. When should you extend promotional periods and what are the optimal times to offer unique promotional events? Our calendar interface allows you to customize your view of the promotional landscape so you can identify windows of opportunity.

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